• Virtual Class Rooms

    Reach a wider audience; disseminate information on a global scale with highly sturdy and bug-free Virtual classroom model by BAT.

VCS has completely changed the education and other institutional landscape where learning plays a prominent role. No longer do the students have to gather in a particular place, just from the comfort of their homes they can take classes.

It is extremely proficient to disseminate information to global radius with our Virtual Class Room software. Many individual coaches, school teachers, tutors, test prep institutes or universities can use it to deliver virtual online classes.

Corporate can leverage the use of VCS through face-to-face training which otherwise would be expensive. It offers a perfect opportunity to conduct live office sessions with any team, at any time of the day.So a trainer based in London, can teach a training room based in India. This is a breakthrough concept in education field and is the future to a cost-effective form of learning.

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