• Mobile LMS (Online/Offline)

    Learning takes place on the go and with or without the use of internet. The future of learning and education delivered today.

Unlike the regular LMS, an optimized module is designed where the system perfectly syncs with mobile operating system to provide seamless learning. Now, learning takes place on the go and with or without the use of internet. With the invention of mobile LMS, learning and upskilling has made great strides towards faster training with higher level of content retention.

Take the learning offline

Make your learning courses more interactive by delivering it on the latest mobile platforms. It enables you to create, manage and mobile learning to multiple mobile devices from within a single incorporated Learning Management System (LMS).

Let the learners opt their courses on their mobile phones while offline and then get synced with the mobile learning system. Assist learning even in rural areas with less or no internet connectivity.

Bring online access to learners' mobile phones with our influential mobile learning potential. Deliver learning at the point of need with native social learning and virtual classroom for smartphones.

We offer authentic instructional designer-led e-learning content development at a much reasonable cost as compared to the current market rates. From simple to complicated projects, we provide the right solution for you.

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