• Field Team (Mobile Workforce Management)

    Unleash the power of best practices and processes for your industry and your corporation with a 360 degree functional framework.

Our dynamic field team software service is designed for ease and convenience. Save resources on manual tracking, assigning and dispatch with our mobile workforce management software. In a click, you can schedule jobs to available personnel, track or map a specific order and its estimated delivery time.

By installing our advanced workforce management software, you’ll optimize cost, simplify operations and trigger a higher efficiency standard. There are two major components to WFM; one relating to the internal systems and the other relating to human side of management.

WFM also takes care of procurement, deployment, and management of electronic devices such as mobile apps and PC software along with supervising, tracking productivity, logging and other forms of record. With BAT’s proprietary MWF you get deep intelligence into the summarized interactions between workforce to achieve maximum visibility, control, and performance.

Our promise is to create synergies using Workforce management to improve the speed and shorten the long cycle of task completion. With capacity for collaboration, your business will experience higher business agility.

Are you planning to introduce Mobile Workforce Management? Here’s what you need to know!

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