• Enterprise Resource Planning

    Unleash the power of best practices and processes for your industry and your corporation with a 360 degree functional framework.

Now, operate business faster with timely and accurate information. ERP is a central nervous system for your company, as it picks vital signals and information from every department and relays it accordingly to the concerned workforce.

With BAT’s proven track record, you’ll be able to unleash the power of best practices and processes for any industry that your corporation belongs to. Our ERP is designed with 360 functional frameworks that help you operate your business with unhindered reach. Manage everything from finance, HR, supply chain management, e-commerce and more.

Trusted by corporations, our ERP seamlessly integrates with third-party software and even other on-premise applications to offer a smooth transition. Also with our integrated reporting systems get full transparency on every process and take informed decisions.

Never get caught unaware while running your business, track the operation from the start to finish and watch your business revenue go through the roof. Ask our industry superstars on how you can utilize ERP to turn your business into a mega success!

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