• Digital Rights Management

    Insure your intellectual property against theft or piracy with an intuitive DRM that allows your share the work without losing ownership rights.

BAT’s has more than a decade expertise in designing digital rights management tools for protection of intellectual property rights of its creator. By tightly securing the idea, film, documents or software, it is easy to share it with recipients. Who may consume the content after a smooth authentication.

What makes our DRM effective? It does not anchor its user to any device or OS. Which means recipient can access protected files on any device. Over 50+ file formats including word, office, PDF, AutoCAD, Visio, TXT etc. can be protected.

Our independent DRM software requires no external framework. It restricts usage for even personnel at higher positions or even admins when protected. TO make DRM much safer and utilitarian for enterprises, we have added multi-factor authentication such as username, password, retina scan or finger print scan.

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