• Assessment Engine

    Assess the capabilities and skill level of your employees or students to curate the best learning strategy that beats the slump.

Custom Assessment Engine creates an online assessment tool for employees, Students to assess and evaluate their capabilities in various fields and also for administrators such as employers, teachers, HR Personals to test the skills of their students/employees. These are cost-effective, provides greater flexibility with respect to location and timing, improved reliability (machine marking is much more reliable than human marking), improved impartiality (machine marking is not partial to the student), greater storage efficiency and enhanced question styles which incorporate interactivity and multimedia. Our Assessment Engine is based on SCORM based content that can be delivered in any SCORM or AICC based LMS.

Features that are included are:

  • Multiple choice questions, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, numerical, short- answers, Word bank, Sequence Drop- Down.
  • Conducts online exams and online assessments effectively.
  • Limited Time and attempts.
  • Effective analysis of Individual performance.
  • Individuals can easily identify their strengths and weaknesses and can work on them to bring out positive results in their performances.
  • Learning/Training methodology could be enhanced or optimized accordingly.
  • Allow or prevent question review, changing, and reattempting the questions.
  • Offers Alternatives for assessment modes such as grading, ranking, reporting etc.
  • Varied assessment formats available which support multiple questions.
  • Easy integration of the assessment engine with an individual's profile so individuals can easily monitor the performance.
  • Effective monitoring of learning methodology.

We have 8 years of rich experience in preparing assessment engines for schools, educational institutions, and corporates. We also provide consultation services as to how the solution can be best suited for the client’s requirements. Our experienced developers have created assessment engines by user-friendly interfaces, engaging graphics & W3C XHTML compliant code.

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