• Mobile Games Development

    Design the next viral mobile game with our optimized solutions that has the perfect recipe for a cult-like following and becoming the next big hit.

The mobile games industry is enormously growing globally. Many organizations uderstand the importance of mobile games and they are focusing on mobile games development. Mobile has created new reputations in gaming world.

Mobiles are tiny little gadgets that have limited battery power and processing speed. However, these gadgets come with nifty little hardware chips that let you take the excitement to the next level. E.g. with GPS you know the exact location of the player, with Gyroscope, Compass and Accelerometer, you know the orientation of the user and the device. With these inputs, one can think of engagement that goes way beyond simple click or touch or swipe.

With possibilities come the complexities, we need to consider the screen sizes, device orientation (Landscape/Portrait), screen resolutions to create a game that works well on all the devices. On top of that, we need to rigorously work to reduce the battery and processor consumption as much as possible.

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