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    Cloud application development lets the organizations run their services without investing heavily in technological infrastructure.

Cloud application development is an umbrella term that covers any kind of software development that is hosted on the cloud. Organizations are looking forward to making their internal services more distributed and accessible and the cloud is the best-suited platform. Cloud application development lets the organizations run their services without investing heavily in technological infrastructure.

Backed by a competent team of engineers and developers, BlueApple helps the companies leverage the benefits of the cloud technology. We understand how to tap the ever-increasing processing power to help your services become accessible to millions of users simultaneously. Our experts not only build applications from scratch but also assist you in a safe, rapid and seamless migration of your existing legacy systems to the cloud. We are adept in several cloud computing models including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.

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Diverse Range of Cloud Services

Whether you require cloud applications developed from scratch, your legacy system migrated to the cloud, IOT solutions or cloud application management, we have got you covered. We also help you with devising cloud application development strategy and consulting.

Experience of Over a Decade

We have been in the IT industry for over a decade now and have seen cloud technology flourishing in front of us. We have comprehensive experience in Amazon Web Services, Google Application and Microsoft BI Engine. With our unique abilities and understanding of the technology, we combine your business acumen with our proven expertise to create top-notch solutions.

Software as a service (SAAS) is a popular software delivery model where the software and its database are centrally hosted on the cloud. Such an application is usually accessed by the users with the help of a thin client, for instance, a web browser. When a Software as a Service is implemented, it removes the requirement for the organization to take care of the installation and maintenance of the software. The storage model of these applications is offered by a third-party provider on lease or rent. The organization (client) leases this space and uses it as and when required.

The data associated with the application is transferred to and from it via the internet over a web browser. The software can be used to do any kind of operation on the data or just store it in a database.

We use SaaS application on a daily basis and the best example is Gmail which is an online mail service offered by Google. Gmail hosts your email and you can access your emails using your browser or a mobile app. There can be many such applications that are used in an organization for different purposes.

SaaS lets a business reduce its IT operational costs by hosting the applications on a cloud. The company does not have to spend on the hardware that is required to store and operate a large software. Its support and maintenance can also be outsourced, thus reducing the IT overheads further.

BlueApple with its decade long experience in SAAS development can help your organization develop new applications that can be hosted on the clouds and accessed from around the globe.

Platform as a Service is an application development and deployment environment that is offered on the cloud. Using PaaS helps the companies create applications without the hassles of buying any software/hardware and managing them. They are spared from the complexities and overheads that infrastructural set-up brings along and can focus solely on the innovation.

Other benefits of PaaS:

  • Lesser Coding Time
  • Additional developmental capabilities
  • Easily development for multiple platforms including mobile apps
  • Advance development tool available at affordable cost
  • Efficient application lifecycle management

Our PaaS solution includes development tools, database management systems, business intelligence tools, servers and storage and even network firewalls. We can provide PaaS on pay-as-you-go basis to make the service affordable for you. Our PaaS expertise is quite diverse as we work on numerous PaaS services such as Microsoft Azure, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, Engine Yard and many more. With our PaaS services, you need not worry about hassles of rolling out the new releases of the software.

Computing or network infrastructure made available on cloud comes under IaaS. The infrastructure can include virtual machines, file storage, LAN, load balancers and other resources. Cloud technology is getting advanced with each passing day and it is the best time in investing in IaaS services if you wish to have an edge in terms of making your processes more efficient.

Your organization needs a host of resources to support its operation and buying everything does not make sense and it increases the overheads. IaaS is a provisional cloud computing model where resources like OS, and servers can be outsourced. As the business grows, the infrastructure can be scaled up by just tapping into the cloud. The complexities of managing the infrastructure is also outsourced to the service provider thus, giving you time to concentrate on your core business.

We can help you deploy all kinds of enterprise systems over the internet by providing every computing resource you might require. With experts monitoring these resources at all times, you can rest assured about their performance. We work on most of the popular IaaS service providers including MS Azure, PaaSage, Rackspac, and Amazon EC2 to name a few.

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