• K-12 learning

    A step ahead to redefine education for the smarter generation!

A Learning Environment Designed Especially For School Classrooms

The innovation, technology, and adaptability squeezed together to create engaging learning activities make our LMS the most pertinent for young learners. Learning solutions for traditional K-12 schools, distance education, or/and home study? Simply count us in! The participants can engage with various learning resources, all in an online setting with the help of our revolutionary VCR. This enables real-time teaching and learning without any need for a room with four walls, benches, and a board.

Virtual Classroom

  • Connect with your students through a video conference and create a virtual classroom straight away anytime.

  • Monitor your students responding to the lesson and assist them if they are struggling with any topic.

  • No need of installing any plugins, additional software or browser extensions.

  • The experts and pros around the world could be hired for teaching the course to your students.

  • A perfect way to facilitate blended learning, where no physical presence of students is required to create a classroom and perform face-to-face activities.

  • Our virtual classroom is accessible on all mobile devices and runs on almost all modern browsers and platforms.

  • Easy communication between students and teachers. Learners can share their desktop and help each other with their notes. This initiates participation from everyone in the conference.

Perks you get as a school educator using our LMS and LCMS

  • Stay in touch

    Flawless communication via messaging, forums, and mobile notifications to assure no excuses left for missing deadlines.

  • Assessments tailored to your teaching

    Get custom grading scales and rubrics to gauge the improvement summatively or formatively.

  • Get smarter

    Work smartly with collaborative tools and engage students along to get their feedback; leading to enhanced teaching skills.

  • Monitor the progress

    Our strategically designed analytics help you ensure the learners are provided with the task and those who need, get the support required.

  • Reward achievements

    Use engaging digital rewards to motivate learners for participating and successfully completing an activity.


eLearning on Smart Devices for Even Smarter Generation!

Our Android mobile applications are designed to provide a have-it-all classroom learning experience. Be logged in and get involved with the learning in just a click anytime you want.

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Mobile eLearning - a step ahead

The mobility is the key advantage of responsive eLearning applications, also known as m-Learning. With people actively connected with their mobile devices, it is great to imagine how faster and easier the training could be made.

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Experience the advancement of K-12 education

Get access to our comprehensive and impactful digital library, consisting of over 2500 interactive nuggets in the major subjects. The whole library is developed by the subject matter experts and ratified by teachers. The content is available in multiple languages for global curriculum.

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Success Stories

Here is an insight on how we have helped our various clients with their individual training needs, and made their learning and training purpose successful.

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