• VMI / Warehouse Management system

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) bridges the distance between customer and supplier allowing for the smooth-flow of material and data to occur seamlessly. Instead of responding to phone calls, e-mails, and guess-work, the integration of VMI and the customer’s backend systems allows for real-time communications based on actual requirements.

BAT’s VMI permits the customer to communicate delivery schedules, actual and forecasted stock requirements, and invoices. It gives the customer multi-material flow solutions based on inputs from every phase of the manufacturing process. It is not necessary that every domain in manufacturing is planned, transported and consumed symmetrically. Our proprietary VMI offers a wide range of services for a multitude of material flow solutions required in a supply chain relationship.

Our client is a supplier providing finished goods which is used as a component by OEM in various regions in India, Europe, and Asia. To support the supplies outreach, it needed a system that streamlines, organizes and display the current requirement.

‘Delivering stock just in time’ of consumption was one of the major concerns. To accomplish this task, several measures were in place to ship out weekly or daily at certain OEMS. The daily production schedule took into picture the assembly requirements of OEM, transit times, and client’s own manufacturing capabilities.

Our client updates their current stock status on Vendor Managed Inventory with the latest stock-on-hand quantities on the basis of min/max levels and what is in-transit. Raw material suppliers of our client also access VMI frequently to ascertain their next shipment quantity. Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs) created on cloud, provides the visibility required for the plant to manage in-transit material. Managers can track delayed or missed shipments or micro-manage critical shortages based on consumption and future demand.

The VMI software can be customized and programmed to go off after a certain level of consumption. Our client also uses VMI to track a supplier’s delivery performance. Maintenance of system generated inventory levels, also shipping the right amount of inventory when needed, provides an ideal yardstick to calculate accuracy and timeliness of the shipment.

Our client used this vital data to maintain optimum inventory levels, follow & rectify under and over shipments, and moreover suppliers interaction with how the supplier interacts ‘Delivery just in time’ client’s model.

Ever since the installation of BAT’s VMI suppliers of our clients have also benefited.  They are able to peek into the current stock levels, quickly figure out optimum shipment quantities, and self-assess their delivery performance. Vendor Managed Inventory also assists the supplier’s planning, manufacturing, and inventory levels to improve as a whole.

‘With the success achieved at our clients, we have rolled out VMI to all plants in Haryana, Gujarat and Jharkand. The benefits to ideal inventory management, reduced transportation costs, and smooth material flow are now achieved in other parts of the country too.

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