Since staff turnover in hotels is an ongoing struggle, educating new recruits is a perpetual pain for busy restaurants. Teaching uniform standards to fresh employees becomes a hassle when using a redundant POS system — or none at all. That’s why it’s critical to install a cloud-based POS system that is sturdy and easy to integrate, and also user friendly, for large or medium sized stores alike.

Service uniformity and long term sustenance depend on it. It’s up to waiters to handover orders as per guests’ desire. However in most restaurants, waiters or tenders happen to abbreviate menu items in their own way, making streamlining and standardization the process impossible. All hell breaks loose when orders go to the kitchen and to chefs’ not familiar waiters/waitresses handwritten note.

And while a basic, outdated POS system can standardize printed orders, waiters who handwrite guest order pose a challenge for chefs, who have to still decrypt the wavy running writing. An advanced cloud based POS system that seamlessly synchronizes mobile or tablets is an effective method to put an end this dilemma since orders are fed into the system at the table/tablets handed over to the staff.

While addressing guests, waiters can instantly confirm details and send a message via intranet to the kitchen. Such a system makes training a piece of a cake.  The entire staff is on the same page. Our client faced similar problem in managing their order cycle and Posential (Our POS software) mitigated that problem by moving from a handwritten order system to a mobile POS solution.

By setting up cloud based mobile integrated POS software, our client simplified and sped up their order taking. Accuracy and increase in sales was another additional by product of this renovation. According to managers at the hotel, tapping into mobile tablets has also transformed guest service for the better.

Now, there is no headache of painfully long training sessions. Waiters have a mobile tablet fastened to his belt and all it takes is a few touches of the fingers to register an order and transmit it to the chef. Even card payments are processed quickly and seamlessly at any of the table. This minute change saved table wait times and resulted in better guest service and higher 5* reviews.

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Here is an insight on how we have helped our various clients with their individual training needs, and made their learning and training purpose successful.

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