• Intellock Digital Rights Management

    Intellock is a cloud based solution for Digital Rights Management.

Intellock is a cloud-based solution for Digital Rights Management, targeted and customized for several segments of content owners specifically targeting the pain points they face in sales and distribution management. Any content (whether it’s in analog or digital form) that is created is prone to duplication and redistribution and it’s fairly easy to do it. Further, the abundance of digital devices such as laptops, mobile phone or tabs combined with the Internet and popular file sharing tools, has made unauthorized sharing of digital files aka (digital piracy) common, possible and profitable.

Over the years, various techniques have evolved to manage access control of digital content. Also, once access to the content has been given, the need to protect the copying and unauthorized sharing of the content

Striking Features:

  • Caters to schools, K12 content creators, corporates, publishing houses, and others.
  • Pen drive and SD card-based content distribution (B2C)
  • Device-locked content distribution (B2C)
  • Content available on Intranet (B2B)
  • Variety of content formats supported
  • Course tracking, Multiple delivery formats
  • Assessment report management
  • User authentication


  • Content locked to the mobile device (Android or iOS)
  • BYOD Mobile– SD Card Based
  • Content locked to PC (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • BYOD PC – Pen Drive Based
  • Problem in offline access to content
  • Course management tracking
  • User management
  • Content distribution platform
  • Managing device-locked content

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