• Field Team

    Field Team is a GIS/GPS based productivity tool.

Field Team is a GIS/GPS based productivity tool; that equips the on-field executives to carry on survey, delivery, and distribution of any kind with geo-tagging and time-stamp. The SaaS based system harnesses the google’s firebase Cloud platform hilt for mining big data.

Team App can help prevent any act of fraud that is committed due to loopholes in way of storing the survey data. Every photograph clicked during the survey bears the accurate geo-location and time-stamp that cannot be tampered with.


  • The Mobile Field staff app delivers the following capabilities to mobile workers:
  • Allows mobile workers to take their electronic forms or data collection apps with them in the field and work either online or offline.
  • Synchronizes electronic forms automatically to the device.
  • Stores submitted electronic form data temporarily on the device, completing the submissions when the user comes online.
  • Enables electronic forms to make use of device capabilities, including camera, geolocation (GPS)/triangulation/near wifi foot printing, and scribble signature.
  • Enforces security, including password protection and encrypted data on the device and over the wire.
  • Provides full control over which electronic forms or data collection apps go to which field workers through permissions and roles.
  • Synchronizes each application to all container apps when a new electronic form or an updated form is deployed.

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