• Appraisal Systems

    A handy tool to look into the relationship between colleagues, managers, and supervisors – without having to manually assess

Performance appraisals is an important process in an organization continuous assessment of the employees helps it enhance the productivity of the man power. Automated performance appraisal system can expedite the assessment process and make it more transparent.

Various steps in performance appraisal includes:

  • Creating an awareness and acceptance in the people conducting the appraisals within a group of workers, they will find a wide range of different skills and abilities.
  • Feedback from managers about their subordinates.
  • There should be employee participation in the evaluation process to increase job satisfaction and motivation among employees.

Performance appraisals (PAs) can benefit an organization’s effectiveness. One way is PAs can often lead to giving individual workers feedback about their job performance to increase productivity.

It enhances communication among co-workers and employers. Communication in an organization is considered an essential function of worker motivation. Some applications of PA are compensation, performance improvement, promotions, termination, test validation, and more.

Appraisals are done to determine skill gaps between managers and employees, regular informal feedback is given on the employee’s specific achievements and learning progress and reward achievements that is based on performance.

In the Appraisal system component, you can, for example, map the following appraisal systems:

  • Personnel appraisals
  • 360° feedback appraisals
  • Formalized job references
  • Business event appraisals
  • Tests
  • Surveys

The idea behind the 360 degree appraisal is that information about performance is collected from multiple sources, for example, a manager may be appraised by the staff they manage, superiors, colleagues and even suppliers and customers. The basic idea behind performance appraisals is to achieve organizational goals by meeting personal goals.

BlueApple has worked extensively on appraisal system. We have worked with Avaya for about 9 years by regularly maintaining their 360 degree based appraisal system.

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