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Our client is a well-known automated production company that serves the automobile, interior designing, education, molding and assembly of optical silicone industries globally. Headquartered in Pune, the company has multiple plants in India and across South East Asia and Middle East.

Due to rising demand in the final produce of our clients pouring in from several parts of the world. With more than 8 plans running globally, the IT team was bamboozled and dazed on how to scale their system.

Like many manufacturers/producers, our clients managed their operations using QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel in the beginning, later incorporated a single enterprise resources planning (ERP) system to synchronize operations and functioning of all their production plants.

That’s often the starting step of many production companies’s blueprint.  As the demand to scale pressurizes the manufacturer to overhaul their production capacity in several locations, this calls for a new system architecture. And our client’s infrastructure was at its tipping point.

In running a consolidated ERP globally, our ERP software had to support all facilities and plants. Upon installation, the reports that came through were astonishing to the say the least. The delivery time improve starkly by 50%. Delivery cycles shortened and uniformity among departments brought a new level of synergy.

The large scalability and higher speed our client has today is fostering the company to expand into completely untried domains of business. It was discovered by VP of the company, that due to increased mobility, the organizations sales turnaround becomes easy to obtain.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of critical elements of their system requirements. On a normal business day, our client used to receive 1,000 EDI transactions or a lot more. A vital potion of the new systems’ scalability was the requirement to provide greater reach and fluidity to EDI transaction support.

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