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Our customer is an eLearning solutions provider that provides study modules, course material for school students, course libraries, assessment and testing toolkits. They have about multiple readymade courses and live classes that are delivered to hundreds and thousands of students. They provide flexibility in learning such as self-paced, live and blended environments.

The education service provider offered its students/ learners a slew of cutting-edge courses through various channel. They realized that assessments (self or assisted) were essential in these courses and eagerly felt the need for an Assessment Engine to be framed and integrated with their courses.

Blue Apple Technology developed a customized Assessment Engine that featured Assessment Authoring, Assessment Tracking, Grading, Reports and Alerts. This Assessment engine supported objective (MCQ) questions and subjective questions founded on the tenets of gamifications. The Assessment engine constructed entirely using the power of web and accommodates every course that our customer has listed on its menu of courses.

 Our client required a assessment engine powered by JDK1.4, Jetty Web Server, Jini Based Distributed Architecture (SOA), Objectivity (OODBMS), MySql, Eclipse 3.1, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, XML, MVC based service oriented framework.


The assessment engine built by us bridges the gaps in the education offering of the customer and has the following features:

  • Assessments are consumed in multiple layouts with added support for objective question.
  • Each assessment can be personalized to suit one’s need like clocked assessments, segregated topics, question-shuffling with difficulty setting.
  • Options to define parameters relating to sequential difficulty and timing of the question.
  • Assessments can be bifurcated into different grade to track the student’s performance better
  • Different forms of assessments like self-assessments, grading, reporting and certifications are possible

The Assessment engine has profile integration and single sign-ins so that tests as well as courses are accessed using singular sign up.

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